Are you tired of roasting in your office every summer? Here are some great gadgets that’ll keep you cool and refreshed through the sweltering heat!

Keeping cool can be tough, but keeping cool at the office can be nearly impossible.

You’re always running around to meetings and appointments; you have to dress in more restricted, stuffy clothes; you’re in tight, humid spaces with other coworkers; and that damn air conditioning just shuts off whenever the hell it pleases #imnotbitter.

If you’re looking to cool down at your desk, here are a number of accessories that you can use to do just that!

Seriously, you can even buy, like, 8 and clip them on your computer and all around your desk for maximum fannage.

It comes in 6 different fun colors, too.

Part all-over-body deodorant, part cool summer breeze in a package!

4. Look stylish and keep cool with this cooling bandana!

Yeah, that totally goes with your suit!

This aluminum mouse pad is sure to cool down your overheated wrists.

Seriously, this Mario Badescu facial spray will have you feeling refreshed and cooled down in an instant!

This aluminum cooling stand should do the trick…

8. Get some relief from the summer heat with a cooling mat!

You can put the mat on the ground by your feet to cool them off or on your char to chill out your bum!

9. Be not-sweaty with a S’well!

Seriously, these things can keep your ice cold and unmelted for up to 24 hours!

Seriously, how can you be hot in the office with this little guy at your disposal?!

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