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Game of Thrones gets pretty grim more often than not, so it’s nice to have pint-sized figurines of the characters to give us a little break. Funko’s newest line of Game of Thrones figures introduce new characters while making the old ones as sinister adorable as ever. 

The new figures will be available in July, just in time for you to make Brienne and Tormund kiss before Season 7.

First you have your classics, like a brooding, scarred Jon Snow who has risen from the dead.

'I know more nothings than you've ever imagined.'

‘I know more nothings than you’ve ever imagined.’

Our Cersei Funko is as regal as ever, and reunited with her beloved crown now that she’s reigning queen of Westeros.

Bran may have ruined a man’s life and subsequently led him to death, but he also led us to Jon’s true parentage and could be a key player in the war against the White Walkers.

'Look how tall I've grown'

‘Look how tall I’ve grown’

Tyrion, still bearing the scar of Blackwater, has always been good for his two favorite pastimes: Drinking and knowing things. The beard does liken him to Luke Skywalker circa The Force Awakens, but the goblet of wine does not.

'I only know one truth: It's time for the Lannisters to end.'

‘I only know one truth: It’s time for the Lannisters to end.’

Tormund Giantsbane makes his Funko debut after his heroics at the Battle of the Bastards. Just look at that tiny sword!

*smiles dopily at Brienne*

*smiles dopily at Brienne*

Finally, there’s a Funko of the wildling giant Wun Wun, coming in at a whopping 6 inches tall (we can almost hear its squeaky little growl — Wun Wun pairs nicely with a Baby Groot).



There’s even a Stark special; A Jon Snow/Bran Stark combo available exclusively at Books-A-Million.

Game of Thrones returns July 16.

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