Android Wear 2.0 is finally rolling out to watches that people actually own.

Of all the Android Wear releases from 2015, the Huawei Watch was our favorite. It was nicely-designed, aggressively-priced, and did everything we wanted at the time. And we also knew that, down the road, it would receive updates directly from Google.

Image credit: Taylor Wimberly

Well, now it looks like our wishes are coming true — on St. Patrick’s Day, of all days — with the initial rollout of Android Wear 2.0. As reported over on Google+ by friend of the site Taylor Wimberly, the OG Huawei Watch is getting the new interface, improved Smart Replies, Google’s new on-screen keyboard, a more robust complications engine, and lots more.

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We’ve reached out to Huawei to determine whether this is a wide release or just a soak test, but it’s clear that, after being pushed to watches that very few people actually own, it’s finally time for the more commonplace Android Wear watches to get updated. It also makes sense for the Huawei Watch to be among the first models to receive the update, as it was one of the few to support the extended Android Wear 2.0 beta that began last summer.

Has your Huawei Watch been updated just yet? Let us know in the comments!

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