Here’s what you need to know about August’s $279 US-only Smart Lock Pro:

  1. Its design and performance are comparable to the $229 second-gen Smart Lock (available for $199 while supplies last).
  2. The Pro relies on the same app and has similar core features, including support for Siri, Alexa the Google Assistant and Nest.
  3. It’s Z-Wave-ready (hub not included). An open/close DoorSense sensor and a Connect Wi-Fi module accompany the lock.

This all sounds pretty great; you certainly can’t beat the Pro’s list of smart home integrations. 

And, yes, you’re paying more up front, but the price includes a bundled Wi-Fi accessory, Z-Wave compatibility and DoorSense. August’s $229 Smart Lock 2.0, plus a $79 Connect (previously sold separately) would set you back more than $300 — and it doesn’t work over Z-Wave or come with DoorSense. 

If (and only if) you want all of these options, August’s Pro is an excellent lock at an excellent value — better, even, than its predecessor. 

Folks simply wanting to operate the lock over Bluetooth or with Samsung SmartThings or Wink shouldn’t rule out the Pro, but it isn’t as good a deal. You’ll either have to spend the $279 bundled price for a Connect Wi-Fi module you don’t need or go through August’s list of approved dealers to snag a standalone lock without a Connect. 

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