Not since But I’m a Cheerleader has gay conversion therapy been shown up so hilariously (and deliciously) as the illogical and damaging stain on pseudo psychotherapy that it is. 

On Bill Nye Saves the World, everyone’s favourite science guy uses “flavour” to describe a diverse array of sexualities, and the tyrannical attempt to dictate another’s.

In the adorably animated video, “Vanilla” holds a meeting to demand all the other ice creams change their flavour to vanilla too. “As Vanilla, I feel that I am the most natural of the ice creams. And therefore the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla. It’s the one true flavor.” He says.

But luckily, Vanilla is outnumbered and before long, he’s praying to the “Big ice cream in the sky” to deliver him from the temptation of (God forbid) self-love and a life of pleasure, not dogma. 

Bill Nye puts it best in the intro when he says, “there are lots of flavours to sexuality.” Simple and effective.

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