_-EDMIX-_1h ago

“ts just tottaly great to see the reversal Nintendo has made with 3rd party”

No they haven’t.

Capcom stated no Resident Evil, and just put the main Monster Hunter team on PS4, XONE and PC.

Sooooo when they are telling you NO Resident Evil and NO Monster Hunter by the MAIN TEAM, I’d take that as a loss, not a gain. Its not coming to Switch…thus…..a loss. I have no clue how anyone takes that info as a “reversal” if anything, they are going further the other way.

Square also said no to FFXV on Switch, also no Kingdom Hearts collection on Switch or Wii U and the games on that collection are FROM DS, 3DS and GBA LMFAO!

A “reversal” would be Resident Evil VIII coming to Switch same as PS4 and XONE, FFXVI coming to Switch and PS4 and XONE, KH3 coming to Switch.

They are on board…….for smaller titles. For the longest time now, Japanese developers like Sega, Square, Capcom, Namco etc have used Nintendo system for their………side games lol

They haven’t really changed that much, heck they are out right telling you its not getting Resident Evil or Final Fantasy.

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