Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Closer Look at Oscar Brittain's Indie Racing RPG 'Desert Child'

COGconnected - We talk with indie developer Oscar Brittain at E3 2017 about his latest project: Desert Child, a futuristic side-scrolling RPG racer. Source link

Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition Is a Bigger Deal Than You...

Twinfinite writes: Sure, you can play Star Fox in its various iterations, but you’ve never actually been able to play the sequel, at least in a completed form. Nintendo’s official...

New Assassin's Creed Teased for iOs and Android

Ubisoft has recently teased a new Assassin's Creed game for iOS and Android devices. It brings back the memories of Ezio and the Renaissance days. Source link

Fate/Grand Order is now available in EN

The English localisation of Type-Moons popular mobile card RPG Fate/Grand Order (/) is now released in North America by A... Source link

Laytons Mystery Journey Dev on Why It Stars Female Protagonist Katrielle

J Station X: Layton's Mystery Journey developer Level-5 explains why the game stars female protagonist Katrielle Layton instead of her father, Professor Layton. Source link

E3 2017: Flame vs Blaze Impressions – A Brilliant 10 Minute MOBA Brawl |...

COGconnected - Square Enixs new mobile game Flame vs Blaze is a 3 vs 3 MOBA where players power up their teams reactor for a final all-out brawl in the...

Talking Telltale Podcast Episode 15: Guardian of Gotham (Batman)

"Come hang out and talk Telltale with us. This episode we talk about Batman, Episode 4 Guardian of Gotham." -- PlayStation Enthusiast Source link

Sega Forever is more of "rediscovering" classics according to Sega's Chief Marketing Officer

SEGAs Chief Marketing Officer, Mik Evans, made it clear that SEGA Forevers sole purpose is to let fans of the game to rediscover the great games of the past. Source link...

Minecraft – Analyzing The E3 Announcements, Rules & Regulation Changes

Screeb Critics Madison takes a look at the numerous changes hitting Minecraft - asking if they're all truly good for the community. Source link

Sega defends Sega Forever launch after fan outcry

Tetsujin5m agoSega currently offers more options to play classic games, and people still find something to complain about? You have the original games, the mini version coming soon with the...
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