Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Where Cards Fall: Indie Game That Uses Cards To Navigate Childhood

Where Cards Fall: Indie Game That Uses Cards To Navigate Childhood There isn’t much known about the upcoming indie game: Where Cards Fall, as seems to be the norm with...

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Cantina Battle Store Tips

The Cantina Battle Store in SWGOH has so many tempting options to redeem your Cantina Credits. Where should you use them? Source link

Here's How Pokemon Go Is Celebrating Pokemon Day

The popular Pokemon mobile game is celebrating the franchise's 21st anniversary next week. Source link

Something for the Weekend – Plants vs Zombies | Real Game Media

Good news everyone! It's Friday! So as per usual, we're here to give you a game for you think about for the weekend ahead. It wont be a game that...

Pokemon GO: Sprint Launches a Trainer Rewards Program

Adding to its partnership with mobile title Pokemon GO, Sprint announces a trainer rewards program for gamers who use Sprint stores as PokeStops or use Sprint products. Source link

Feb. 25, 2017 1RBC Gaming Weekly – Switch Game Sharing Restrictions, SteamVR on Linux

1RBC: This week in gaming, restrictions regarding digital games and multiple Nintendo Switch systems came to light, SteamVR arrived on Linux (in beta), Australian gamers will start being charged a...

Constantly Calibrating: #215 – Calibrating Dark Soles: A Barefoot Romp Through the "Git Gud"...

The Constantly Calibrating Podcast team, with guest Cutwright, takes a look at the "Git Gud" genre of gaming, made popular by Demon Souls. Source link

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: AAT Tank Raid Tips

The AAT Tank Raid in SWGOH is tough! But once you get the hang of it, you can contribute more to your guild and get better rewards. Read more for...

Next weeks notable game releases (Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2017) | Real Game...

Check out the notable game releases across all platforms (except Nintendo Switch launch titles - separate article linked within) for the week beginning February 27th. Source link

Ubisoft releases 'Rabbids Crazy Rush' for mobile

'Rabbids Crazy Rush' is a free-to-play action runner game available for iOS and Android devices. Source link
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