Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brand new sci-fi shooting RPG Shine on Dark Age (S.O.D.A) running pre-registration now

kate29|16m ago|News|0|▼InfoAdd Alt SourceKorea-based ED Games has annouced that they will release a new action shooting RPG, called Shine on Dark Age (SODA), for mobile platforms in Korea in 2017,...

Id Buy That For A Dollar: RoboCops Three Greatest Video Games

RoboCop didn't have too many good video games -- but there are three standouts that are worth playing in time for his 30th anniversary. Here are WWG's top recommendations. Source link...

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Ep.1 Review A disappointing start to the new...

Ross K @ FG: Jesse and the gang return and its a shaky start to the new season. The FingerGuns Review. Source link

Lenovo To Introduce AR Headset for Star Wars Game: Jedi Challenges

Lenovo has made one of the most exciting announcements about a Star Wars game since the Atari days. They have teamed up with Lucasfilm to create augmented reality headgear which Source...

Her Story creator Sam Barlow is working on Telling Lies, a spiritual successor

If you loved 'Her Story,' you can look forward to 'Telling Lies,' a spiritual successor by creator Sam Barlow. Source link

Zynga apologizes for random pricing of DLC

Zynga has ended up in the eye of many players due to the random price of micro-transactions of CSR Racing 2. Source link

Mafia Revenge Tips, Cheats: Coupon Number Codes and Guns, Strategy Guides

Mafia Revenge - Real-Time PvP by 4:33 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). Players may enhance the stats of their weapons by adjusting "Gun Mods” in their firearms. Gun Mods slots can be unlocked by...

'Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – 'Hero in Residence' Review (2017) Screen Critics

Does the second season of Minecraft's Story Mode get off to a bang, or a bust? Source link

Naval warfare game 'SailCraft' receives August release window

UQSoft unveils plans to release its naval warfare mobile game, 'SailCraft', next month for iOS and Android devices. Source link

VR Mobile Game My VR Girlfriend 2.0 Gives You A New Gaming Experience

My VR Girlfriend 2.0 is a casual VR game developed by China mobile developer Silver Moon. Player will act as a senior photographer encounters a beautiful heroine called Xiaomei, then...
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