Nothing good can come of this.

Now that Daenerys (aka “The Mad King’s daughter”) has landed in Westeros, it’s safe to say that Cersei is feeling the heat of dragonbreath at her door. 

Handily, she still has the reliably creepy Qyburn as her political fixer, and after facilitating the mass murder of several hundred rival nobles and priests at the Sept of Baelor last season, the disgraced former maester has come up with an equally subtle approach to help Cersei defeat Dany’s dragons, should they come knocking:

Yep, a gigantic crossbow. (Or I guess a harpoon, if we’re being pedantic?)

You know who else got all tingly from playing with projectiles? This guy:

It looks like Cersei has just discovered the joys of her son’s favorite weapon. There’s nothing nightmare-inducing about this scenario — or Cersei’s satisfied little smirk — at all, right?!

To be fair, crossbows do appear to be the Lannister weapon of choice:

Inbreeding isn’t the only thing that runs in this family!

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