Listen, we’ve all thought about trying the iconic Dirty Dancing lift. But, most of us know that it’d probably end in tears. 

One British couple attempted a performance of the hard-to-achieve dance move and, well, they ended up bruised and in the emergency room. Not quite the romantic moment they had in mind.

Sharon Price and her fiancé Andy Price tried to recreate the move in front of family members in a beer garden in Weston-Super-Mare, UK, but it turned out to be — quite literally — one enormous flop. 

The couple have watched the film more than 30 times, and it’s their dream to perform the famous lift — that even Baby struggled to achieve in the movie — in their wedding next October.

At the Cabot pub on the Weston-Super-Mare seafront, Sharon ran at Andy in the hope he would lift her above his head. But, it all went badly wrong. 

Andy was left unconscious after the pair collided, knocking them both to the floor. Sharon ended up sprawled on the ground and badly bruised. They were taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol after family members eventually concluded that the pair weren’t exaggerating about their injuries.

Thankfully Sharon and Andy lived to tell the hilarious tale, and neither suffered any serious injuries. 

Maybe have a few dancing lessons before the big day, eh? 904d 4c5b%2fthumb%2f00001

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