Darren Aronofsky trying to keep up with Reddit

Image: Paramount Pictures and Protozoa Pictures.

Well, we may never get the answers to our most burning (see what I did there?) mother! questions. On his Reddit AMA, director Darren Aronofsky did his best to remain both vague and overly explicit about the most divisive movie of the year.

Aronofsky, best known for his other enigmatic films like Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, answered a few posts straightforwardly. Most notably, he answered whether mother! could be considered a comedy, if he was considering adapting it onto the stage, and what the hell that bathroom creature was.

Certainly, it seems like mother!’s over the top nature would lend itself to the Greek tragedy theatricality of an Opera. And to the first Redditor’s credit, there’s a reason why theater is always represented by the two masks of tragedy and comedy as intertwined.

Aronofsky even gave a sneak peek into what his next project will be, and it sounds a bit more chill than the insane circus ride that was mother!:

But the real highlight of it all was watching an Oscar-nominated director with a propensity for grandiosity get absolutely dragged by Redditors:

Arguably, though, the best post didn’t involve Aronofsky whatsoever, as Reddit did what it does best: going down a rabbit hole of one-off jokes and comparisons to the Dark Souls video game.

Personally, we’re with SoulCruizer. It was definitely Fanta.

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