Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wondering what to put on his playlist.

Image: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Justin Trudeau needs your help because he has absolutely no clue what music he should be listening to this summer.

On Saturday morning the Canadian Prime Minister dropped his hot seasonal Spotify playlist on Twitter, featuring some lovely artists like Drake, Shawn Mendes, k.d. lang, The Tragically Hip and holy smokes wait just a minute, these artists are all CANADIAN.

Though it is unclear whether or not Trudeau simply Google searched “Canadian musicians” to compile this playlist, several signs point to “yes.”

However, the 39 songs include none by Canada’s own Justin Bieber, so maybe not.

You can listen to and analyze the full playlist below:

Which summer anthems do you think Trudeau should be jamming to?

Perhaps the Prime Minister should also take a listen to his bro, Barack Obama’s old playlists and see if artists like Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, or Coldplay make him feel cool for the summer. 95ca d693%2fthumb%2f00001

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