Dany didn’t speak the Terminator catchphrase Sunday night on Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, but did she really need to? 

The outstretched hand pretty much says it for her.

Of course that’s Emilia Clarke in the 2015 sequel Terminator: Genisys, swooping in and saving the day from a relentless foe at our hero’s most desperate moment. Granted it’s a truck and not a dragon, but for the dozens of people who saw Genisys, it was a funny (and probably not intended) callback.

The Terminator franchise, which we know is really just a bunch of catchphrases stacked up in the shape of a metallic exoskeleton, is more deliberate. It hasn’t dared leave its precious chestnut of a quote, “Come with me if you want to live,” on the cutting room floor since its establishment in 1984.

Genysis added this bit of emphasis, which probably wouldn’t have gone over well with the King in the North. 

Though Game of Thrones fans were excited to see Dany get a turn on the big screen, Clarke’s lead role in Genisys was not beloved. 

The question now is, will she be back?

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