This is Apple’s forthcoming Apple Watch 3 with LTE. It’s virtually the same size as the Watch 2, but features a faster processor, an improved wi-fi/Bluetooth chip, and a display that doubles as a multi-frequency antenna. The watch uses the same number as the iPhone thanks to an electronic SIM, while its 70 percent faster dual-core processor means that Siri can talk rather than appear as on-screen text.

Apple said the W2 custom wireless chip offers 85 percent faster wi-fi and promises to be 50 percent more power efficient for wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Sensors include a new barometric altimeter and the Watch 3 offers up to 18 hours of battery life across a mix of Bluetooth, LTE and wi-fi. However, a one-hour LTE call could be enough to drain the battery completely, so don’t dump your iPhone just yet. It’s going to be available at launch in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland the UK and US.

Find more detail of the Apple Watch Series 3 here.

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