GE Appliances announced Wednesday that its suite of connected appliances will integrate with the Google Assistant-powered Home, which is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa-driven Echo devices.

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GE’s smart appliance lineup includes refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines, and water heaters. With the Google integration, users of the Google Assistant or Google Home device can use voice commands to do things like turn on the oven or check on a load of laundry.

The compatibility is tied to GE’s Geneva skill, which it developed last year as part of its collaboration with Amazon and the Alexa Skill Kit.

For GE Appliances, Geneva shows how the company is positioning for its roll in the Internet of Things, particularly the smart home. Last year the appliance maker integrated a handful of its connected appliances with If This Then That, which enabled basic aspects of voice connectivity and compatibility with IoT platforms.

The appliance maker has since linked its range of connected products with Amazon Dash Replenishment, Nest Labs, and Drop.

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