Normally on a birthday people like to receive gifts, but Google decided to give something back. Also Google isn’t a person, so not a perfect analogy… but who cares!

Google is celebrating its 19th birthday with 19 mini-games from their past. 

To play them, simply click on today’s Google Doodle and you’ll be directed to a wheel.

Google’s birthday wheel

Spin the wheel and you’ll be presented with one of 19 games Google has made over the years for their doodles.

In one you play as Beethoven, having to piece together his sonatas. In another Halloween-themed game you play as a magic black cat dis-spelling pesky ghosts. There’s also a new version of Snake, which taps straight into the nostalgia hind-brain of so many of us.

It’s nice of Google to give us a new way to procrastinate the day away — just so long as that smug no-internet-connection-T-rex isn’t there. He embodies nothing but impotent rage… c169 6064%2fthumb%2f00001

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