Google’s Play Store is getting a brand new look … well, kind of.

In a continuing effort refine the Play brand, Google has quietly rolled out a new logo for the Play Store, Android Police noticed. The new logo drops the shopping bag, just leaving the colorful triangle as the new app icon.

New Logo

Old Logo

Old Logo

While the new icon first appeared on Google’s new Pixel phone, the bagless design is now rolling out to other devices too.

Sure, it’s a very subtle change, but the redesign comes with a big branding message. As Google continues to tweak logo designs, it’s creating a cohesive visual identity tied to the clean, material design aesthetic that the company announced a few years ago. 

This new Play Store logo in particular is designed to look more like Google’s other Music, Books and Games apps.

The Play Store logo is not the only redesign Google just introduced. There’s also an update for the notification icons in the app, which previously also a shopping bag and now look like this: 

Overall, the design changes are just one part of Google’s recent app updates. The company also made it easier than ever to delete old apps and has begun offering a free app every week. 9721 4577%2fthumb%2f00001

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