Google and Levi’s unveiled their smart Commuter Trucker Jacket, powered by search giant’s Project Jacquard smart clothing technology around two years ago but now the companies have announced the availability and price of the wearable. The smart connected jacket, developed by search giant’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, will cost $350 (roughly Rs. 23,200) when it is first made available in fall later this year.

At SXSW, the companies announced that the smart wearable, which allows users to connect with their smartphones and provides some handy controls while on-the-go, will be made available in fall, reports The Verge. Even though the smart jacket was earlier expected to be made available in spring this year, the companies have now pushed the release date to fall.

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The smart jacket from Google and Levi’s provides users with ability to dismiss incoming calls, music controls, and directions, all with just simple gestures on the cuffs. All this is made possible with the conductive fabric used in making the jacket. Even though the Smart Commuter Jacket does appear to be futuristic and handy, especially for bicycle riders, it remains to be seen if it will generate enough interest in spite of its seemingly high price point.

Notably, Google’s ATAP division earlier cancelled its Project Ara, which promised a completely modular smartphone that allowed users to snap-on various internal components with ease. Even though the release of the Commuter Trucker Jacket has been pushed from the earlier timeline, it is a respite that it is not facing the same fate as Project Ara by the team.

We will have to wait till the actual release of the product to find out if there will be more products made in the category or this will remain to be an experimental product.

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