Nothing to see hare. Just an adorable animal having a cheeky cigarette break. 

An image of a hare scuttling across the road at Dublin Airport while puffing away on what looks like a cigarette has amused and amazed Twitter users in equal measure. 

A photo taken by Louise Acheson was shared with a glorious pun-filled caption. 

“In things I never expect, a hare with a cigarette in its mouth just ran past me at @DublinAirport” tweeted Acheson. “Duty free? #cigharette #nothingtodeclhare.” 

Acheson said she was lucky to have captured the image: 

“Was glad I managed it! Just happened to have phone in my hand. One other person saw it too, couldn’t believe it, was glad to have a witness!” she tweeted. “It had run almost the length of the car park before I managed to take it, lucky (strike) timing!”

It prompted an avalanche of hare jokes: 

Harelarious. Sorry not sorry. 

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