The iPhone X is doing away with the Home button and, with it, Touch ID. In its place we’ll have Face ID — a method of unlocking your smartphone just by looking at it. But what does that mean for Apple Pay?

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to quickly and easily buy stuff using only your iPhone. The process will just be a little different going forward is all. 

Importantly, nothing will really change on the vendor side. If they already support Apple Pay and NFC payments then they’re likely still good to go. It’s how you, the consumer, verify that you do in fact want to complete the transaction that’s getting a facelift. 

Some of what makes Face ID work.

Specifically, you’ll tap the button on the side of the iPhone X twice and then look at the phone. At that point, assuming Face ID doesn’t glitch out on you, you’ll put the phone near the terminal in question, much as you did before. 

Done and done. Easy, right?

The process is sure to trip a few people up at first, but once everyone gets the hang of it everything will likely be smooth Apple-Pay sailing. e346 51d4%2fthumb%2f00001

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