She can’t hear you.

Image: plugfones

Turns out there are two reasons you use headphones. The first, obviously, is because you want to listen to something, like music or a podcast. But the second is because you don’t want to listen to something, like those loud bros on the train or your roommate’s, uh, amorous pursuits. 

These hybrid earplugs-headphones help you do both. are first and foremost headphones: they connect via Bluetooth to whatever device you want and play music for 12 hours with a full charge. 

They’re also super-charged earplugs. With ASNI-certified noise-cancelling technology, they promise to make the rest of the world and all of its annoying sounds disappear. That means you can listen to everything you want to hear, and just about nothing you don’t. 

Plugphones come in both black and blue/yellow.

Plugphones come in both black and blue/yellow.

Last year, the first-generation raised nearly half a million dollars in a super popular Kickstarter campaign, and now they’re back at it, hoping to fund the improved second-gen product.   They’ve already beat their goal, but if you get on board now, you can save nearly $25 off the $99 retail price. And, they’ll be ready to ship this fall. 

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