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No I actually completely 100% disagree with that notion.

The idea of games like Street Fighter and Halo are very much static Concepts they are ideas that are easy to understand because they are basic genre of fighting or first person shooting what have you.

When Minecraft first released I would say it’s only comparison with something like a little big planet other than that it was very difficult to really convey the very “it” factor of the game itself simply because it was pioneering something.

Most games that literally create or absolutely revolutionize a jonra are very difficult to explain and very difficult to get an initial impression on only because they are sort of the first there for gamers have a more difficult time understanding what the fun Factor might be.

Today something like no man sky or Terraria are easier to explain to Gamers because they already understand Minecraft so anything else within that sort of play share create genre is easily understood because of games like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet.

I mean consider Mario Maker was not this big? To Gamers we all sort of understood what it was rather quickly simply because it was within the genre that was existing.

Mind you I’m not disagreeing with you because people could have different taste (moot) I’m actually disagreeing with you because people are not really going to understand the initial concept of Minecraft based on it pioneering something whereas the games you’ve explained our old established franchises easily recognizable in their genres are easily instantly recognizable.

Very quickly you kind of understand the fun factor of a street fighter or Halo or even a God of War.

Mind you the argument is not that people have different taste, I’m pretty damn positive he understands that, it’s simply him questioning the appeal of the property which in my opinion is 100% Justified considering what it pioneered for the industry.

Mind you I like Minecraft and I understand why people like it amongst other games, but I also very much understand Gamers not really fully understanding it.

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