Pink is the new chocolate. 

Barry Callebaut’s new pink-hued confection — touted as a brand new “fourth type in chocolate” — is a far cry from the bright, dyed candy melts you’ve seen on supermarket shelves.

Rather, this “Ruby” chocolate — developed in the global chocolate retailer’s R&D centers and unveiled Tuesday — gets its natural hue from the ruby cocoa bean, per a statement from the company. 

Its unusual shade makes it the newest type of chocolate since the introduction of dark, milk, and white. 

So how does it taste? Barry Callebaut describes the flavor as “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.”

But if that description does little to clarify the the taste of “Ruby” chocolate, know that the company seeks to make the product available to other chocolate manufacturers, though the statement did not specify a timeframe. 

Here’s to hoping we can get our tastebuds on this by next Halloween.

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