The Defender series case is available for $89.95 in black and vinyasa (pink and purple). The case has OtterBox certified drop+ protection, which means is has undergone 24+ tests and 238+ hours of testing. In addition to the expected drop protection, the Defender series has dust protection with port covers and screen protection with a clear membrane over the entire display and TouchID button.

The Defender series consists of four pieces; front cover piece that is mostly clear, back cover piece in hard plastic with soft lining to protect the back panel and help protect your iPad, an outer synthetic rubber slipcover, and a polycarbonate shield stand. The two cover pieces snap together securely and serve as the complete inner shell. When I wanted to take my iPad out of the case to test another case, it took serious effort to pry the front cover off the back in the 12 areas designated by arrows on the back cover shell.

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