App development is one of the most cut-throat industries around right now, but it can also be one of the most profitable. It’s also an area where jobs abound, and if you freelance or create your own apps, you can work on multiple jobs at once, soaking in the abundance of experience and hopefully a little cash while you’re at it.

But if you want to develop the next big app, you can just go into it willy-nilly without the proper knowledge and training. You’ll need to learn about JavaScript — one of the most popular coding languages in app development — and you’ll also want to learn about other useful tools, like NodeJS and HTML 5. If you don’t have time or the money to spend on a costly computer sciences degree, then you need some online courses you can take on your own time.

The Full Stack Web Development Bundle is a series of eight courses that take you through every stage of an app’s development. Full Stack development is the creation of all facets of an app or website, from front end to back end and everything in between. You’ll get access to hundreds of courses and the best part is that you can pay what you want! The average price is set, and if you decide to pay less than the average price, you’ll still get something great, but if you pay more than the average price, you’ll get all eight apps in the bundle. If you beat the leader’s price, you’ll be entered into our giveaway and get featured on the leaderboard.

The courses are as follows:

  • The Full Stack Web Development Course
  • Projects in ReactJS: The Complete React Learning Course
  • Projects in JavaScript and JQuery
  • ReactJS and Flux: Learn by Building 10 Projects
  • Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building 10 Projects
  • Projects Using PHP Frameworks
  • Learn NodeJS by Building 10 Projects
  • Projects in HTML5

If you want to learn all there is about developing an app, then you’ll want the Full Stack Development Bundle, and for hundreds of hours of lectures, you get to pay what you want. If you’re serious about app development, then you need serious training, and what better way to learn than to do? Check out the Full Stack Web Development Bundle and Android Central Digital Offers.

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