Let’s face it: the speaker built into your iPhone sounds pretty bad. Pioneer’s no-hassle Lighting-powered speaker, the Rayz Rally, is a real upgrade.

Available worldwide in Apple Stores and from Apple.com in ice, onyx or space gray colors for $100, £100 or AU$160, the tiny, pocket-size speaker dongle plugs into the Lightning port of your iOS device. It draws power from your phone, so there’s no internal battery — and no charging required. A mini business-grade speakerphone aimed at “digital nomads” who work from anywhere, it also has no trouble playing music or the sound from your video content.

Watching a CNET video with the Rayz Rally.

Richard Peterson, CNET

The single button on the speaker serves as a mute button during phone calls (so callers can’t hear you) or a pause/play button while listening to music or videos. And like the Rayz Plus headphone, there’s a pass-through Lightning port integrated into the speaker that allows you to charge your phone with a separate Lightning cable.

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