Pornhub has posted a film from Putin critic Alexei Navalny after a court ordered it to be taken off the internet.

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Russian censorship just met its match: Pornhub. Yes, that’s right. Pornhub.

Activist Alexei Navalny, known for his consistent opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was told by a Russian court to take down a video he created that was critical of the country’s leadership, Newsweek reported.

But he found an ally in what some might consider an unlikely place — Pornhub, the popular adult video website.

The video, which was entitled “Russian Corrupted Politician Fucked Hard,” has since been taken down from Pornhub’s site, but Navalny was still thankful for the exposure.  

Pornhub told Navalny on Russian social media website VKontakte that he’s welcome to post more videos on their site, according to Newsweek. He thanked the company and said he wouldn’t delete the video. He also suggested that Pornhub create its own rendition of his film, Newsweek said.  
“This will help many citizens realize what corrupt officials do to the people of Russia,” he wrote. 

“This will help many citizens realize what corrupt officials do to the people of Russia,”

The documentary criticized Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in particular, alleging that he was using relationships with wealthy businessmen to get control over luxury assets. 

It was released in March and immediately got *tons* of views on YouTube. It led to a massive anti-government protest — the biggest in more than five years, and made Medvedev’s approval ratings plunge. In a blog post Wednesday, Navalny vowed to not take down the film.  

This isn’t the first time Navalny’s made news in recent months. While campaigning in March he was hit in the face with an unknown green liquid. At the time, there was worry that it was an acid attack, but it turned out to just be a harmless, long-lasting antiseptic.  

The incident prompted people to paint themselves green and post photos of themselves online in support of Navalny after he tweeted a striking selfie.

He was hit with green dye again in April, which led to chemical burns that affected his eyesight, the BBC reported. 

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