Yesterday I wrote about the continued improvements in Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS devices. While this is my default app on most of my smartphones, there is another I find even better on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

At the very end of 2016, Samsung announced the Focus app for Galaxy smartphones. Since I had returned my Note 7s, I didn’t have an active Samsung phone and never even considered this application until I started browsing through the Galaxy Apps store on my S8 Plus a couple of weeks ago.

The Samsung Focus app is an incredibly valuable tool for the enterprise with a single interface that brings together tabs with a focus page, consolidated email, calendar, memos, and contacts. You can designate priority senders and with a single tap see attachments, emails, tasks, events, and memos associated with that contact. It’s an awesome tool for productivity and actually keeps me using my Galaxy S8 Plus even though I want to bounce onto other phones.

The Focus tab brings together today’s events and communications from the day with priority senders. When you get to the bottom of the page, the priority senders who have communications from that day appear up top so you can quickly navigate to them.

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