At this place, the last thing you can do is complain about the sand in your shoes.

The world’s first sand hostel has opened up on the beaches of the Gold Coast, Australia, allowing guests to stay over and admire the sand beneath their toes. 

Uh, did we mention there’s a lot of sand?

Production designer, Jon Dowding, who has been involved in Mad Max and The Blue Lagoon, is behind the design of the hostel, which uses approximately 24 tonnes of sand.

It’s part of a promotion for booking site Hostelworld, and so you’d need to win a spot or book through its website to stay in its eight-bed dorm or one private double room. Although, the sand hostel only open between Sept. 20 to 22, so you’ve probably missed that boat.

But that’s cool, you can just check out the pictures of the hostel instead, which features a bar the public can hang in. There’s no sand to worry about.

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