With the incredible artistry of its design, the QX50 Concept rounds out its triple threat.

With an artistic vision in mind, the designers were able to create a novel vehicle form yet to be seen in crossovers.

The shape of the hood is inspired by a snake’s head, which helps to establish an image of both elegance and power. Taut and muscular lines with flowing and profiled surfaces combine to create a body that is as strong as it is exquisite. These beautiful design elements are so progressive by design that they require a proprietary stamping process, completely new to the industry.

Exuding grace, luxury, and practicality, the QX50 Concept’s exterior is a highly refined execution of crossover design.

The interior of the QX50 Concept is meant to be driver-centric, yet passenger minded. The cabin is divided into distinct zones for the driver and passengers, inspiring confidence at the wheel while creating a cossetting space for all passengers. The cabin is expertly crafted to be both luxurious and functional, while also featuring visual depth and abundance interplay of light and shade.

By using a variety of textures – including supple, natural, and synthetic leathers punctuated with open-pore ash wood – the QX50 Concept’s premium materials create a modern and tailored luxury for consumers.

And because the all-new compact-sized VC-Turbo engine uses less space in the engine bay, the cabin can be pushed further forward to create more room for a spacious and comfortable cabin.

All of these advances in technology and design come together to create a car that will get you excited to be in the driver’s seat, truly taking your journey from ordinary to extraordinary. You may even wish you could be in it more often.

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