Here’s what Billy Zane, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet looked like 20 years ago.

Image: twentieth century fox

If you’re wondering why a bunch of Titanic stories have been popping up lately, it’s because 2017 is the film’s 20-year anniversary. James Cameron is making a documentary about it and everything.

On Wednesday, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation held its yearly gala to raise money for environmental causes.

A whole bunch of celebrities went, Madonna performed, and — most importantly — Leo’s Titanic co-stars made an appearance.

It was the perfect opportunity for Billy Zane to up his Instagram game with the following, spectacularly captioned photo:

The joke quickly spread on Twitter, too.

If there’s one thing that makes the internet happy, it’s cast reunions decades after a film.

[H/T The Daily Edge]

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