Christchurch is a burgeoning street art capital. Kapow!

Image: Lindsay Chan/tourism nz

When you think street art, you might think of London — where Banksy works are relatively abundant, or else New York City or Berlin.

You probably wouldn’t have thought of Christchurch, New Zealand. Yet, it’s been named as one of the world’s street art capitals in a new book by Lonely Planet. 

“The contemporary street art scene was born out of tragedy,” the book states, as per “Street art has become a vital part of the energy of the rejuvenated city.”

Christchurch was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in 2011, damaging much of the city. It killed 185 people and injured thousands more, in one of the worst natural disasters New Zealand has ever faced.

Now, the city has found new life as a burgeoning hub for street art. There are well over 100 murals scattered around the small city, compiled into a neat little map if you’re ever in the area.

Go check it out one day, okay? 

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